About the Electrobac

What to recycle
in the Electrobac?

You can recycle all your small electronics in the Electrobacs. Drop your cell phones, tablets, cameras, chargers, headphones, ink cartridges and more than 1oo types of other small electronic devices in the electronic waste bin and we will make sure they get recycled responsibly!

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  • Chargers & Cables

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  • Peripherals

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  • Ink Cartridges

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  • Refused material

What happens to your electronics?

You recycle your electronics in the Electrobac
We track your contributions to the environment with the sensors installed in the electronic waste container.
Our transport team will securely empty the Electrobac
Your electronics are either refurbished or recycled (by RQO approved recyclers)
Your data (photos, videos and all information) is permanently destroyed.

Refused material

The opening of the Electrobac is 11″ x 4″. If you wish to recycle a larger device, please find an EPRA authorized drop-off point.

Batteries, lightbulbs, CDs, DVDs, VHS and larger electronics are not accepted in any of the Electrobacs.

Please use one of the designated drop-off points of the Call 2 Recycle program for your batteries.

Please use one of the designated drop-off points of the Recycfluo program for your lightbulbs.

Please contact your municipality to recycle your CDs and DVDs

Please contact your municipality for your VHS and other cassettes.

Worried about the data on your devices?

We all have private information on our cell phones and tablets. Our secure and theft-proof Electrobacs provide a safe environment for your data. Once your device is sent for recycling, your data stays safe throughout the entire process. We will make sure that all your photos, videos and personal information are permanently destroyed!

Where can I recycle my small electronics?

We install our Electrobacs in high traffic areas to make recycling electronics as easy and accessible as possible.

Do you think there should be an Electrobac somewhere near you?

Request an Electrobac

What is your
environmental impact?

Calculate it now !

Enter the number of cellphones you recycled in an Electrobac


pounds of carbon emissions will be preserved from entering the atmosphere
mature tree will be saved mature trees will be saved
plastic bottle will be recycled plastic bottles will be recycled
gallons of gas will be preserved
aluminium cans wil be recycled

Why is it important to recycle electronics?

Unwanted and end-of-life electronics are not trash, and we all have a role to play in ensuring these old electronics including mobile phones, tablets and chargers don’t end up in landfills. Much of the plastic and metal in these devices can be reclaimed and reintroduced into the manufacturing supply chain to be used to produce new products. Many older electronics contain substances of concern that, if not handled properly, could have negative environmental impacts in addition to causing health and safety issues.

Technology advances fast, but we only get one earth. Help us to preserve it and extend nature’s warranty. Recycle your small electronics in an Electrobac near you.

Solving the climate crisis is within our grasp, but we need people like you to stand up and act.
— Al Gore