Extended Producers Responsibility Services

Services to stewards, electronics manufacturers, and governments

We can help your organization design and implement a comprehensive program tailor-fitted for the collection of small electronic waste anywhere in the world, focusing on reducing your operating costs while enhancing environmental outcomes. We supply e-waste smartbins, technology infrastructure, marketing support, reporting tools, performance trends, and offer consulting services.

Electrobac smartbin network deployment and network management third-party services can serve a wide range of stakeholders including businesses, governments, associations, electronics manufacturers, and stewards, among others. We provide a turnkey solution to meet and exceed environmental regulations, Extended Producer Responsibility requirements, eco-enthusiasts and citizens pressures alike.


Municipalities across the world are continuously looking for innovative and affordable ways to promote recycling and divert electronics from landfills. See how we can help.


Faced with increasing amounts of e-waste, many jurisdictions have passed Extented producer responsibility (EPR) policies placing the responsibility for the post-consumer phase of certain goods on producers. See how we can help.


To meet consumer demand for a solution to the growing e-waste problem, Governments must take concrete action. See how we can help.

Our expertise in smartbin design, security, optimal placement, stakeholder communication, and operational excellence have led Electrobac to successfully run the largest collection network tailored fit for small electronic waste in Canada for 9 years.

“With Electrobac, it’s easy to be greener! They allow occupants in our building to dispose of their small electronics responsibly. Moreover, this turnkey solution is entirely managed by Electrobac. Thank you for helping us make a difference with our tenants!’ – Canadian Heritage Green Team, Canadian Federal Government

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