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Is your company sitting on thousands of dollars?

How many mobile devices do you have lying around the office or tucked away in storage? Most large organizations are guilty of this and it’s actually costing them thousands of dollars.

It’s no myth that mobile devices lose their value the minute they’re taken out of the box. The depreciation rate is different depending on the brand, model and condition of the device, but Apple, Samsung, Sony and LG devices all decrease in value quite quickly.

Considering cellphones and tablets lose money every month, there is no reason for anyone to keep unused old devices in drawers or storage for months or even years. The average Canadian has more than two unused mobile devices collecting dust in the

For example, the value of the Galaxy S10+ (512GB) decreased by 48% in only one month and the value of the iPhone XS decreased by 45% within 9 months of its release.

When choosing a partner to buy back your decommissioned mobile devices, make sure to choose a certified partner who will not only give you a competitive price but also offer a secure disposal process to protect your organization’s data.

Don’t let your devices depreciate any longer, reach out to our Buybac team now to get a quote for the value of your mobile fleets.