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IT Asset Management: 4 tips to better manage your mobile fleet 

A proper asset management process will help you reduce maintenance costs and cybersecurity risks. An up-to-date strategy can save countless man-hours for busy IT teams and effectively prepare you for critical security audits


1. Update your inventory 

An up-to-date inventory makes it possible to have an exact knowledge of stock level to optimize the use of resources. In addition, the use of an MDM keeps your corporate data protected and ensures your company keeps control over its confidential information.


2. Track the lifecycle of devices

Companies each have their own way of managing their fleet of mobile devices, although tracking the individual devices is not always a given. Effectively doing so will allow IT managers to adjust internal policies and simplify planning.


3. Maximize the value of your devices: Establish a disposal strategy based on procurement and usage requirements

Since the recovery value of devices decreases over time, disposal of corporate devices at the optimal time has a major impact on the value of decommissioned fleets.

Keep in mind that the age and condition of the devices will be the main factors to consider when purchasing. Devices usually to lose 20 to 40% at the launch of a newer model and lose almost 50% per year.

Here are three tips to get as much value back for you mobile devices:

  1. Limit your losses by keeping as little as possible in storage
  2. Plan in advance for large-scale fleet refresh
  3. Organize regular disposal depending on the amount of devices to be replaced: 1, 2, 3 or 4 times per year?


4. Save time, be prepared for audits 

Choose a partner, like Buybac, who will provide a detailed inventory of your decommissioned devices on file, in case you are subject to a security audit. Make sure they also provide 3rd-party data erasure certificates for all refurbished devices.