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Install an e-waste smartbin

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Install an e-waste smartbin

About our e-waste smartbin

Our e-waste smartbin is more than a recycling bin for electronics, it’s a complete system for the recovery of small electronic waste. We offer an all-in-one service that doesn’t require any management on your part.

Recycling small electronics is becoming increasingly important for the planet because e-waste is the fastest growing waste stream across the globe. Join us in our environmental mission, without taking too much of your time and resources.

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  • Chargers & Cables

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  • Small Electronics

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  • Peripherals

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  • Ink Cartridges

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  • Refused material

Acclaimed companies trust Electrobac

How does our service work?

Install users
Users recycle their electronics in the e-waste smartbin
Install wifi
The wireless sensor inside the bin sends us a signal to inform us of the fill level.
Once the smartbin is full, our team will empty it
Install lock
The data is completely destroyed on all the electronics!
Install recycle
The electronics are either refurbished or recycled (by RQO approved recyclers)

Why should your establishment
offer our e-waste smartbin?

Our turn-key service requires no management on your part,
And we help you meet your sustainability goals.

Exceed your sustainability objectives

  • Identify, evaluate, and celebrate your e-waste diversion performance with our environmental impact reports
  • Enhance your BOMA + LEED efforts
  • Increase property value and attract higher quality tenants

Save money on general waste costs and operational costs

  • Reduce the overall weight of your general waste stream, produce less waste, require less pickups from haulers
  • No maintenance required from your operations team. Our smartbin is a self-sufficient e-waste recycling bin. We monitor the fill level, we coordinate pickups, and we manage everything.

Increase tenant satisfaction and retainment

Provide your tenants and visitors a much-needed solution

  • Only 15% of e-waste is recycled in Canada.
  • The #1 reason tenants don’t recycle their e-waste is because they don’t know where to. The #2 reason is that it isn’t convenient for them to do so.


  • Drive foot traffic in our all too convenient world of online shopping
  • We direct people to your shopping centre through our interactive network map and top of the line SEO for individuals searching for a certified drop-off location to recycle their small e-waste items.

Reach your

The best way to encourage electronic waste collection is by raising awareness. We are here to help you inspire your community to participate in recycling their small electronics. As a part of the complete Electrobac service, we provide everything you need to reach your community.

Included :

  • Infographics
  • Photos and visual
  • Templates for your internal and external communication needs
  • Tips to broaden your reach
  • A calendar for environmental events
Download the full Marketing Kit
Install reach community

Annual contests

Prizes are awarded for the best performing bins and for the best marketing effort.

Annual awareness activities

As a part of our service, we help you raise awareness and answer your community’s questions.

We are always looking for new
forward-thinking partners

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