Bringing circular economy efficiencies to the management of your mobile devices


Our promise

Keeping your data and employees safe

Your mobile phones and tablets hold tons of sensitive information that could be damaging if they fell in the wrong hands. We use a 360 degree approach to make sure that your data is secure and irreversibly erased or destroyed.

Plus we keep your employees healthy with UV sterilization of the devices we repair or redeploy

Here are some of our security measures and processes:

  • Premises audited and verified by Recyclers Qualification Office
  • Monitored facility (alarm system & 24/7 cameras)
  • Restricted access with biometric identification to processing facility
  • Military grade NATO & US DoD approved data-wiping software
  • Unique data wipe certificates generated for each device
  • Double validation of successful data erasure for each device
  • Serialized inventory of IT assets received
  • Rigorous employee background check
  • General liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, Cyber liability insurance
  • And much more


Our 360 approach reflects our commitment to security.

Maximizing savings and putting money back in your budget

Say goodbye to steep penalties and avoid purchasing costly new devices by repairing your devices instead of replacing them before the end of your contract.

Get competitive financial returns for your used smartphones and tablets because of our extended network of buyers and years of expertise in maximizing the reuse of devices. Mobility is our game.

Keeping it simple, for you

Day-to-day management of mobile devices is a pain for IT teams. The goal? Reduce your workload and free up valuable time by outsourcing this process to our specialists. Whether it’s recovery from your end-users, repair of damaged devices, redeployment, or decommissioning old assets, we’ve got it covered. All you have to do is consult your reports and follow your progress on our secure client portal.

You’ll save time to focus on what really matters.

Making a positive impact, one device at a time

Be part of the solution by directing corporate devices through channels that prioritize refurbishment, repair and reuse before taking the recycling route. This is the circular economy at its finest
Plus you’ll get a detailed sustainability report that you can share internally or publicly

Our reliance on electronics comes with steep environmental costs. Every year, we generate electronic waste weighing the equivalent of 4 500 Eiffel towers, but only 20% is recuperated. By 2040, carbon emissions from the manufacturing of new electronics will reach 14% of our total emissions.

Our planet simply cannot keep up with the pace at which new electronics are manufactured-consumed-thrown away.

Let's make a positive impact, one device at a time.

Every device counts. The proof? Use our calculator to identify your positive environmental impact, based on how many devices you send us.
Calculate it now!

Enter the number of mobiles devices to recuperate.


pounds of carbon emissions will be preserved from entering the atmosphere
mature trees saved
plastic bottles recycled
gallons of gas preserved
aluminium cans recycled

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