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Earth Day 2021

Circular economy for our electronics


Earth Day 2021
Our reliance on electronics comes with a steep environmental cost.

Every year, we generate electronic waste weighing the equivalent of 425 CN towers, but only 20% is recuperated. By 2040, carbon emissions from the manufacturing of new electronics will account for 14% of our total emissions.

Our planet simply cannot keep up with the pace at which new electronics are manufactured-consumed-thrown away.

We need to do something about it.

In 2021, we are investing in the circular economy.

This year, as part of Earth Day, we are taking the opportunity to collectively rethink our use of electronics.

Be part of the solution by recuperating your used corporate devices and prioritizing refurbishment, repair and reuse before the recycling route.

It’s green, it pays off, and this is the circular economy at its best.


See how Electrobac can help you:

Let's make a positive impact, one device at a time.

Every device counts. The proof? Use our calculator to identify your positive environmental impact, based on how many devices you send us.
Calculate it now !

Enter the number of mobiles devices to recuperate.


pounds of carbon emissions will be preserved from entering the atmosphere
mature trees saved
plastic bottles recycled
gallons of gas preserved
aluminium cans recycled

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