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Opportunities in a Circular Economy

Our current business model is one of Make, Take, Use and Dispose/Destroy, but it is not a sustainable path. The IBM video below explains why the circular economy must be our mindset for future business practices.

– 1/3 of the world’s copper is currently in use, 1/3 is lost and the other third is still in the earth

– Electronics are produced with scarce metals, plastics and glass but it is estimated that 88% of the metals will be depleted in the next 10 years

– The Circular Economy model is based on reusing, refurbishing and recycling what we already have

– Transitioning to a circular economy model is smarter, more responsible and more profitable

– Increasing resource productivity by 30% would create more than 2 million jobs in 10 years

– The total savings potential is estimated at 1 trillion dollars

Waste must be perceived as a valuable resource. We’ve understood this at Electrobac and that is why our business model revolves around refurbishing or recycling all the electronics that come our way through our e-waste collection network or our corporate services.

Source: IBM