All electronics collected for recycling are sent to Canadian centres certified by the Qualification Board of Recyclers (BRQ). The board audits and certifies that the centre and maintains high standards of recycling, reuse and destruction of data, while ensuring that electronic waste is not exported to developing countries. 


Electronics that are still functional pass through a data erasure system and undergo a series of tests. Electronic equipment considered suitable for reuse is restored for subsequent use. Otherwise, the device is recycled. 


In both cases, the data on the devices or electronic media are fully and permanently destroyed either by physical means (for recycling) or by means of software designed for this purpose (for reuse). 





Faced with a poor recovery rate for electronic waste and a lack of practical solutions, Electrobac was founded in 2011 to offer a simplified way of encouraging the collection of obsolete electronic devices among individuals. To do so, a first prototype bin was installed at HEC Montreal university to test the concept. The strong participation from students made this pilot project an instant success, thus encouraging the founder to pursue this adventure. At the end of 2015, there were over 220 Electrobacs installed across Quebec



Every day our team wakes up with one motivation in mind: become THE SOLUTION for your electronic waste. Our mission is to simplify and thus encourage the responsible disposal of your electronics. Each electronic collected is a victory for our team because it represents one less electronic item that will wind up in the garbage and pollute the environment. We are a motivated, creative and professional team that aspires to make a difference. For us, the status quo is not an option.



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