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3 Tips for Promoting a Sustainable Workplace

Sustainability is an increasingly essential part of the business world. Key decision-makers within companies of all sizes are being urged to take action and adopt green and sustainable practices to protect the future of our planet. This particularly involves conserving resources and cutting waste through recycling / reuse. Most of us have become accustomed to recycling at home, but to achieve sustainable widespread progress, it is equally important to take positive steps in the workplace. 

Creating an eco-friendly workplace with front-facing programs provides benefits beyond a positive environmental impact. It makes an office a more pleasant place to work in, raises awareness, and shows a real commitment to sustainability to the tenants. To get everyone involved, it’s also important to have simple, accessible options. Tenants are much more likely to use recycling options, for example, if they are made easy and apparent.

Here’s a few front-facing elements that can be used to create a more sustainable workplace:


1. Green Spaces

Implementing green spaces and plants in the office is a simple step that brings immediate benefits such as increased wellbeing, happiness and productivity. It also makes a statement, instantly showing tenants that they are working in a green, eco-friendly environment. Living greenery has been shown to help us think and feel better, and as individuals spend more hours at the office than elsewhere, a greener, more sustainable work environment can make a big difference to their quality of life. 


2. Electric Car Charging Stations

A great way to drive sustainability at the office is to promote an eco-friendly commute by installing electric car charging stations. Commuting by car is a major contributor to air pollution. As a result, electric cars are becoming increasingly widespread, but finding convenient and easily accessible charging points is still a concern for owners. Enabling them to charge their cars at the office would be a big step towards making commutes less polluting and establishing a more sustainable workplace. 


3. Electronic Waste Recycling

While all streams of recycling are important, electronic waste recycling can sometimes be overlooked. Recycling small electronics is particularly impactful, as e-waste is the fastest growing waste stream across the globe. Even though small e-waste items may seem insignificant, they are very harmful when they end up in the landfill. E-waste occupies just 1-2% of our Canadian landfills, but accounts for 65% of the harm done to the environment within these landfills. Everyone, from individuals to corporations, has a number of unused electronics sitting around, and people often feel unsure about what to do with them. 

Electrobac’s e-waste smartbins are an innovative, easy-to-use way to recycle electronics and bring sustainability directly into the workplace. The smartbin accepts a wide variety of electronics, and Electrobac’s all-in-one service takes care of the whole process, from installation to collection. 

Greatly appreciated by office tenants and their employees, the Electrobac provides a clear, interactive, and front-facing solution that enables you to rapidly enact positive environmental change in your office building. By installing an Electrobac, you can simplify the recycling process, and instantly take tangible, visible steps towards creating a better, healthier, more sustainable working environment. To learn more about Electrobac, visit our website For additional information, please feel free to contact us by phone at 1-833-780-8044 or by email at