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A simple and safe trade-in service to dispose of your decommissioned mobile devices.
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Electrobac helps CIOs and IT Directors to secure the disposal process of their decommissioned mobile IT assets. This simple trade-in service for corporate mobile devices is the safest way to dispose of smartphones and tablets in Canada.

Throughout the entire Buybac process, corporate information is fully protected and all devices are irrevocably data wiped. Additionally, complete documentation is provided, including data destruction certificates. Due to our expertise in mobility, we can ensure that maximum financial return is obtained for your end-of-life devices. Devices that cannot be given a second life are recycled according to the highest environmental standards. We provide complete reporting about your company’s positive environmental impact. Finally, we offer the opportunity to give back to the community through donations.

Our Buybac solution offers :

  • Security
  • Value
  • Simplicity
  • Sustainability
  • Community
  • Canadian


Protect your data!

Electrobac uses NATO and US Department of Defense approved technology to irreversibly wipe all the information off your devices.

Mobile phones are like computers, everything about your company (emails, contacts, photos, etc.) are on these devices. We have a 360 safety concept to make sure that everything is safe. Our clients receive detailed reports and certificates for audits.

  • RQO audited and verified premises
  • A bi-annual audit is performed by the third party
  • Monitored facilities (Alarm system + 24/7 cameras)
  • NATO & US DoD data-wiping software
  • Irreversibly erase private corporate data
  • Serialized inventory + unique certificates
  • Restricted access to the stock and processing areas
  • Assets are protected throughout the entire process
  • 100% employee background check and our entire team is thoroughly vetted each year

Our entire process reflects our commitment to security.

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Make an impact

Did you know that refurbishing 44 devices has the same positive effect on the planet as removing a car from the road for an entire year?

Reach your sustainability goals by giving your corporate devices a second life. With our Buybac program, we wipe, refurbish and reuse the devices, making them a part of the circular economy. Electrobac provides detailed reports that you can share internally or publicly.

Electrobac ensures that every device is refurbished or recycled according to the highest environmental standards.

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Maximize your return

Because we are specialized in mobility, we can offer you the best price for your used devices. Our price lists are updated regularly to stay competitive in a fast-moving market.


Keep it simple

You gather your devices, we take care of the rest.

Reduce your workload by assigning professionals to your decommissioning process.


The process occurs entirely within Canada

All of Electrobac’s refurbishing and recycling operations take place in Canada


Give back to the community

At Electrobac, we value giving back to our community. We work closely with Groupe AFFI, an adapted business that employs people with disabilities.

If you also wish to give back, the Buybac service offers the possibility to convert your financial return into a donation to a organization of your choice.

Talk to our sales team if you want to be part of the movement.

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Ready to get more from your end-of-life devices?

the number of recovered devices that equates to taking a car off the roads for a whole year
the average amount of money that a data breach costs companies in Canada
of devices resold in Canada which are supposed to have been data wiped still hold data. This makes working with the right partner even more important.
Small electronics account for only 2% of waste in landfills but represent 70% of all contaminants found in landfills.

The Buybac Solution

Data security and value depreciation are the two most important risk factors when it comes to end-of-life corporate cellphones and tablets. Therefore, we offer you an efficient process to simplify the secure disposal of your decommissioned devices.

Additional Services

Corporate Repair

Avoid steep penalties from your service providers by repairing your devices instead of changing them before the end of your contract.

All the repairs are done in a secured and restricted location while being held to high security standards throughout the entire process. Our skilled technicians will make your device look and work as good as new!

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On-Site Data Wiping

Buybac offers an on-site data wiping service. This way,

  • You limit security risks because your devices never leave your building
  • We comply with our usual security measures by using state of the art technology, also used by NATO and the American Department of Defense
  • We comply with your security standards, whatever they may be.
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Secure Transport

We offer the option of adding an extra layer of security for the transport of the phones from your corporate office to our high-security area.

Our secure transport solution will guarantee the safety of your devices from your office to ours.

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Employee Givebac

You want to offer your employee their corporate device? We will make sure all your corporate data is destroyed beforehand.

Once the device is wiped and repaired, we will redistribute them. This way, the device can have a second and safe life!

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Certified by the RQO, EPRA
and ComplyWorks

At Electrobac, we are committed to providing quality work and environmental responsibility in every pillar of our operations. We are proud to be certified by the RQO, EPRA and ComplyWorks to continuously provide the best for our clients.

Electrobac is a part of the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), an industry-led, non-profit organization that operates regulated recycling programs across Canada.

All recyclers seeking to operate under the EPRA program must be audited and approved by the Recycler Qualification Office (RQO) under the Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS). This certification has strict requirements and audits to validate that our refurbishing and data destruction operations meet their rigorous standards. It also ensures that end-of-life electronics are handled in a safe, secure and environmentally-sound manner.

Electrobac is also recognized by ComplyWorks. ComplyWorks is a global leader in compliance management. This certification assesses organizations’ governance, health and safety, risk management and compliance requirements.

Partners and Investors

In a sustainable development perspective, Ecotech Quebec mobilizes key players of the green economy to create the most favorable conditions for the development and growth of companies. Ecotech also supports end-users to increase the deployment of clean technologies.

The Quebec Electronic Products Recycling Association is an industry-led, non-profit organization that operates regulated recycling programs across Quebec. End-of-life electronics are dropped off at EPRA-authorized collection sites, including drop-off centres and special collection events. EPRA-Quebec ensures that end-of-life electronics are handled in a safe, secure and environmentally-friendly manner.

Ecofuel is a venture capital fund and an accelerator which offers specialized and personalized services to cleantech startups. The Ecofuel Fund invests in seed and early-stage companies which in startups that develop and commercializes clean technologies.

Cycle Capital Management (CCM) is an impact investor and the most active cleantech venture capital firm in Canada. CCM invests in companies at the development and commercialization stages that commercializes clean technologies striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing resource use and improving process efficiency throughout North America and China.

We are proud to offer our Buybac service across Canada

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