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Press release – Electrobac, the New E-waste Solution Launched in the GTA

Toronto, July 30th 2019 – Electrobac is proud to announce the launch of its e-waste disposal network across the Greater Toronto Area. The young Montreal-based company currently operates 260 Electrobacs across Quebec and Ontario in locations like grocery stores, shopping centres, office buildings, schools and more.

Cellphones, tablets, chargers, cameras, ink cartridges, USB keys, and over 100 other types of small electronics can be recycled in the Electrobac.

Considering that recycling 44 cellphones has the same impact as removing a car off the road for a full year, the environmental impact of e-waste is major.  Additionally, because it is the fastest growing waste stream globally, recycling electronics is becoming increasingly important. Electrobac’s environmental mission is to simplify e-waste disposal for both companies and individuals.

Electrobac aims to reduce the number of end-of-life electronics that end up in landfills. All small electronic devices collected in Electrobacs are sent to local RQO certified recyclers. The Recycler Qualification Office (RQO) audits and attests that the recycling centres follow rigorous regulations with regard to the recycling and refurbishing of materials. Materials derived from recycling, such as metals and plastics, are reused in the production of new products while electronics that are suitable for reuse go through an extensive data destruction process and multiple functionality tests. They are then refurbished and given a second life.

Electrobac also offers the Buybac Service to help large companies dispose of their corporate mobile devices. In addition to helping these companies reach their sustainability goals, Electrobac is also specialized in protecting and destroying sensitive data.

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