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The Best Performing Electrobacs in Ontario

Each year, Electrobac organizes highlights the best collection rates of its network. In 2019, several of our partners stood out with very high electronics recovery rates and significant environmental impacts! Awards were presented to all the winners to commemorate the remarkable performances. The Electrobac contest takes place annually, separating our network by province.

Congratulations to Markham YMCA for collecting the most e-waste in all the province of Ontario. The community centre recovered almost 2,500 electronics in the 9 months it was installed. We highlight the work of the Markham YMCA team and their entire community for such a significant environmental impact!

The best performing Electrobac in the school category is the Ventura Park Public School. We congratulate the administration and the students for participating in the sustainability initiative and having such a positive impact on the environment.

In the office tower category, 1 Adelaide Street diverted the most electronic waste. Although the Electrobac was only installed for five months, the tenants and visitors recycled almost 2000 electronics in the Electrobac.

The Billings Bridge Shopping Centre diverted the most e-waste in Ontario malls. Visitors and tenants recycled nearly 1800 electronics in the Electrobac.

Finally, the Best Marketing award goes to Shoppers World Brampton. It is important for us to highlight their Marketing team’s efforts to shed light on the importance of properly disposing of electronics.