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The Best Performing Electrobacs in Quebec

Each year, Electrobac organizes highlights the best collection rates of its network. In 2019, several of our partners stood out with very high electronics recovery rates and significant environmental impacts! Awards were presented to all the winners to commemorate the remarkable performances. The Electrobac contest takes place annually, separating our network by province. The performances of the Electrobacs are classified according to different categories; malls, grocery stores, office buildings, and schools.

Congratulations to Marché Plus St-Joseph of Métro Groupe Messier for winning the best performing Electrobac in grocery stores, for the third consecutive year. In addition, our partner earns the title of Electrobac, which has amassed the most in our entire network across the country. The supermarket recovered almost 6,650 electronics. We highlight the work of the Marché Plus St-Joseph team and their entire community for such an environmental impact!

Again this year, the Electrobac in the Concordia University Pavilion EV was the best performer in the school category. Having won third place from 2015 to 2018, the Montreal University surpassed expectations and kept the honorary title again.

In the category of shopping centres, Place Dupuis won first place. Our partner recovered nearly 5,000 electronic devices at this location in 2019.

In the office tower category, the World Trade Centre won first place this year. In 2018, this establishment had climbed to third place and was able to stand out even more in 2019 to win the first position.


The 2019 winners

Shopping Centres 

  1. Place Dupuis
  2. Galeries Rive-Nord
  3. Complexe Desjardins

Grocery stores

  1. Marché Plus St-Joseph
  2. Metro Plus Collin Supermarket
  3. Métro Plus André-Grasset
Office Buildings

  1. World Trade Center
  2. Bell Canada – Nuns’ Island Campus
  3. Jean-Talon Building


  1. Concordia
  2. Université de Montréal
  3. HEC